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January 05, 2009

New year, new projects

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I wanted to semi-broadcast the state of my life as 2009 will bring new opportunities, new focus, and I've been meaning to document a bit. I just got back from an amazing holiday, which included a trip to Nebraska for Christmas to meet my girlfriend's family which was really fun, and New Years in Bonaire. I learned all about farm equipment and the mid-west, which I enjoyed almost as much as seeing where Rachelle is from. As for Bonaire, Rachelle documented it quite nicely on her tumblr. I'll be putting a few photos up on mine at http://justinshaffer.muchonieve.com as well.

The national past-time in Bonaire is apparently setting off fireworks, which happens every night, but its particularly spectacular on new years. Cool to see a group display run by the entire island as the clock struck 12. Not so cool, M-80s every night at 3 in the morning.

In other news, for a little bit now I've been working on a new project, outside of MLB.com, that I've wanted to pursue for a while. I apologize to you all if i've fallen a bit off the radar - I've been focused on the early bits of this and want to have lots of individual meaningful discussion with you about what I'm doing, so I'll spare you all the details on the blog. Suffice to say, we're thinking about how people interact in and around live events today and how we can use technology to combine context and perspective to make a great additive experience for these live events. We're going to connect people attending live events with people watching on TV or elsewhere and with people who are interested in whats happening but who might not consume them otherwise. It will be a combined mobile and web based experience, depending on the user's preference. If you're interested in getting involved or discussing more, drop me a line at shafferj at mac dot com. More on this when we announce it formally.

On the family front, my Dad is working on his book, which you can check out an early version of at youshouldhavebeenwithme, my sister is working hard and studying harder, and I'm long overdue for a trip to seattle to catch up with Mom.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are as excited to start 2009 as I am.

Here are a few photos from the holidays.. see http://justinshaffer.muchonieve.com for more.

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