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October 06, 2006

AVRA in Vineyard Race 2006

AVRA in Vineyard Race 2006
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This is us just after the start of the Vineyard Race. Unfortunately we didn't finish, but were the second to last boat in our class to turn back. This is before the breeze built, with it blowing 30 knots or so. We saw gusts to 45 or so, which is good fun and games, but unfortunately had a crewmember end up in borderline hypothermic state, whom we couldnt get warmed up underway. Only three boats ended up finishing: Blue Yankee, Snow Lion, and Lora Ann. Its a bit unfortunate that more didnt stick with it, but people have to be comfortable with their crew and ability levels, and it was starting to get interesting. There were reports of 60+ knots the next day. Richard Du Moulin (Commodore of the Storm Trysail Club) has a great writeup here.There's always next year i suppose, but its been quite a summer for weather on long island sound, between this and the ALIR.

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October 04, 2006

Enhanced Gameday

With the opening of the 2006 Postseason, the team here was quite pleased to debut some enhancements to our gameday product that we've been working on for quite some time. We've put camera systems into some of the ballparks to essentially take high speed photography of each pitch and convert it into telemetry data in real time. This allows us to show baseball fans and gameday users very accurate pitch trajectory and speed in sync with the text based play by play feed that they usually watch when not watching MLB.TV. It's been an exciting project for us, as its involved working with every level of the various organizations in and around the league. Enhanced Gameday has its own blog, which you can check out here: http://gameday.mlblogs.com

The product itself is accessible just as you would access normal gameday. You'll be given a choice when you start up the app as to which version you'd like to watch.

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