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March 20, 2005

First post and Introduction

After my RSS consumption has transformed from casual use to what's become essentially my primary source of tech related news online (and is quickly usurping traditional media for the rest of what I usually get via the financial times on my morning commute as well) I decided it was high time to join the fray. I've found that the blog-o-sphere's opinion on what's [news|blog] worthy is more in line with my own in many areas (especially technology) than that of the major news outlets, and on average the creativity and flair of the outspoken part of the blog community is inspiring, to say the least.

Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks Sun has the right idea - The Washington Post seems to agree - but I'll mention Jonathan Schwartz and the rest of Sun's prolific bloggers anyways as one notable inspiration of many for getting started with blogging as well. I've thoroughly enjoyed the entire organization's contributions in many forms: products, services, and now blogs. Here's to raising the bar and giving the entire team from top to bottom the opportunity to speak their minds and share their perspectives.

Now for an intro and a bit of self-promotion for those of you who don't already know me.

I'm currently working for the online arm of Major League Baseball (, as the VP and Chief Architect for all of the technology work that we're doing. I'm a geek at heart from both a tech and business perspective, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the sports business with a strong tech slant over the past few years. In the midst of it, we've built products I'm proud of from many perspectives, and continue to challenge ourselves to keep up with the sometimes frenetic but always inspiring pace of our business - serving baseball fans worldwide.

I'm fortunate enough to work with a fantastic team, not many of whom are blogging today (that I'm aware of - those of you that are expounding on your interests in your own forum elsewhere on the web - if you would like a mention send a note and i'll link to you as well). Known as "root" for the home team, Ryan Nelson is one of my favorite partners in crime and frequent participant in our always engaging baseball/tech/political meme that circulates around the proverbial watercooler here at MLBAM. (He's also the kind host of the movable type instance I'm using).

When I'm not thinking about baseball, highly scalable web applications, or how to satisfy my overly aggressive metabolism, you can usually find me in the vicinity of a mountain either skiing or climbing - and more recently trying to combine the two for some real fun.

I hope you all enjoy my contributions to be as much as I've enjoyed yours. I'm available at justin dot shaffer at mlb dot com and always appreciate comments on our efforts at baseball or whatever else is on your mind.

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